Opposition Corners Centre In Lok Sabha Over Kashmir


New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government and PDP-BJP dispensation of Jammu and Kashmir today came under attack in the Lok Sabha over the unrest in the Valley, with opposition alleging their failure to address the situation and pressing for a political solution.

As the House took up a discussion on the ongoing trouble in Kashmir, various parties demanded sending an all-party delegation to the Valley even as Anurag Thakur, speaking on behalf of the ruling BJP, said every political party should come together and help in dealing with such situations.

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Initiating the debate, Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia said over the last two years, since the BJP government came to power at the Centre, the situation in the Valley has “deteriorated” and has become “disappointing”.

Alleging failure on part of the Centre and the Jammu and Kashmir government, he said, “The work done by our government in the last 10 years was undone by this government. They see everything from the rear mirror. BJP-PDP has shunned all principles…we have to heal the wounds with humanity.”

The government is claiming that it is moving in ever sector but reality is different.

“This government has miserably failed to restore peace” in the valley. There is an environment of insecurity and fear ….44 people have died and 3140, half of them security personnel, are wounded and this government puts the onus on the state….I would like to ask questions. How many more deaths will happen? When they will get up from sleep,” he said.

Mr Scindia said the people of Kashmir are facing huge problems as there is curfew since the last 12 days.

“What was the reason? Why no one from the central government visited Kashmir to review the situation… Infiltration is happening and our Defence Minister is distributing LED bulbs in Goa,” he said.