‘Operation Maitri’ gets going in Nepal, till now 1900 dead


New Delhi: The Indian Government has already started the evacuation of the Indians who have been stranded in Nepal due to the massive earthquake which took place on Saturday. The Indian Government has started ‘Operation Maitri’ to rescue the Indians as well as help the Nepal Government in the rescue operations. The death toll in Nepal has risen to 1900 in Nepal following the massive earthquake on Saturday. Indian Railways has sent one lakh water bottles “Rail Neer” to earthquake devastated Nepal. The bottles were sent in Nepal by a special Aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

On Sunday the civil aviation ministry sources said that at around 4:45 Am 247 Indians were brought back from Kathmandu to Palam. Since Saturday 540 Indians have been rescued from Kathmandu in three aircrafts of the Indian Air Force.