Open-Cold Conversation Of Bengal Possessors’


Suri: The Trinamool Congress’s strongman and the zilla president of Birbhum Anubrata Mondal delivered a reply to the BJP leader Mukul Roy through today’s meeting. It is the fastest reply made by the president against the ex-trinamoolian within a couple of days.

On the context of the counter meeting Mondal said , “who said what that will only be decided by the people on today’s meeting.” He identified Mukul Roy as a opportunist. On Sunday Mukul Roy said he will disclose many information on Anubrata Mondal. He said knowing all the point the ruling party will ex pulse him or he will be excluded himself. But the immediate arrangement of the counter meeting satisfy many people curiosity and increase the blood pressure of the followers.

Anubrata commented that “People doesn’t want Mukul Roy and Mondal is accepting the challenge as representative of common man.” With a speedy 20 minutes speech he has attacked Mukul Roy having said that “you are not an inspiration and not a guru.”

Both has exchanged a cold war words keeping the Birbhum panchayat election on a bet which shows that Mukul Roy is the present tension and concern for the ruling party.