Oops! Bolly-Divas got exposed ‘badly’!


If Bollwood is known for making the news with its acting and powerpacked stardom, it is also known for hitting the page 3 with its disasters. Some may call it wardrobe malfunction, whereas for others it is an instance of wardrobe malfunction. Here are some of the famous pics of some of the Bolly divas when they were caught off guarded.

Bollywood Diva and the youth heartthrob Katrina Kaif might be well posesed with her dress. But it is surely evident that she has an affinity for ‘shine’

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Kareena Kapoor might have wanted to hide something, but the safety in this case played the spoil sport.


Priyanka Chopra’s Skirt had visible two layers even those two were not enough to save her. May be she was being daring, but it was disaster!


Deepika Padukone might surely had a brawl with her red jacket for this Oops! Moment!

PC: Star World
PC: Star World

Tanissha Mukherjee’s Black gown must have certainly said ‘Hips Don’t Lie’


Clothes are meant to be well fitted not stitched as your second skin. Din’tRakhi Sawant had a mirror?


Kangana Ranaut was spotted without panties on. Even her front is also looking ill-fitted.


Remember British model and Big boss ex-contestant, Sofia Hayat? No?? well, now you’ll remember her forever. I don’t know what was she trying to do here. Total disaster.


Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya. Alia Bhatt chose to wear it with a very short kurti. Worst part was Varun Dhawan’s spontaneous gig which brought Alia in Lime-Light


Eesha Kopikar might have meant something by saying or displaying ‘Back Out’


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