‘Online Games Like ‘Blue Whale’ Are Dangerous, Should Be Stopped Immediately’


Kolkata: The West Bengal Education minister Partha Chatterjee on Thursday said online games like ‘Blue Whale’ are dangerous for children and should be stopped immediately. “I think online games like Blue Whale are dangerous for school children. And we think such games should be stopped immediately,” Chatterjee told reporters on the sidelines of a programme at Kolkata. He said the state government was also taking initiative to stop use of mobile phones by teachers and students in state-run schools and state-aided institutions during class hours.

“I am requesting all schools to stop use of mobile phones during class hours and also see to it that children don’t get addicted to online games like Blue Whale,” he added.

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‘Blue Whale’ is a controversial internet game in which a series of tasks, mostly brutal, are given to players for a period of 50 days by the administrators.

The player is asked to share photos after finishing the different levels of the game. The game is being spread via links on various social media platforms and played on smart phones. Some of the deaths of children in the age group between 12-19 years have been linked to the game.

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The Centre has directed internet majors like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo – to immediately remove the links of ‘Blue Whale Challenge’.

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