One Of Country’s Largest Tricolour Hoisted In Nadia On 69th Republic Day


Nadia: Attempting to set a new Limca Book of Record, a local club of Phulia hoisted a 121.5 feet long and 81 feet wide national flag on the 69th Republic Day.

Mounted on a 181.6 feet scaffolding made of bamboo, the tricolour costs Rs 1.5 lakhs and weighs 65 kilograms. According to the organisers, by far the new flag exceeds other such attempts made previously.

“India’s largest flag at present is 120×80 feet. But we have exceeded its dimensions in both length and width. Thus, we have sent an application to the Limca Book of Records to declare this flag as the largest in India,” said Abhinaba Basak, club member.

So far, the tricolour hoisted at the Indo-Pak border at Attari in Amritsar border has had the distinction of being the largest. It has the dimensions of 120×80 feet mounted on a 360 feet mast.

However, post its inauguration amid much fanfare in 2016, authorities took off the flag after it repeatedly got damaged due to high velocity wind.