One can play games in FB Messenger app


Washington: Facebook messenger app installed in the smart phone will not be restricted to just mere chatting and calling any more. One can able to play games in the app.Facebook is speaking to developers on this front, though there is no word on specific release timeline for the games in the Messenger app store, according to The Information’s report that cites three people briefed on the firm’s plans. It adds that Facebook’s Ilya Sukhar has been tasked to take care of product side for Messenger’s platform. Sukhar confirmed the plans though declined to comment on any dates for the rollout of the new product.

Confirming the move FB spokesperson said, “Currently, we think Messenger Platform is best suited for apps that focus on content creation and curated content. But, one of the reasons we were excited to announce that Messenger Platform is open to all developers is to see what people build. From there, we’ll think about what else might make sense.”

Messenger, Facebook’s standalone mobile app, has been getting some serious competition from the likes of WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and other popular messaging services. Last month, the company rolled out the new video calling feature to the service, taking on Skype, Facetime, and Hangouts. Around the same time, alongside Facebook’s Q1 earning report, the company said it has 600 million users on the Messenger platform.