One More ABT Linked Militant Arrested From Sealdah


Kolkata:  One More alleged ABT tout named Ssadan Hussain nabbed from Sealdah on Friday. According to Kolkata police, he may be linked with Ansarullah Bangla Team. He was arrested by STF near Jagat cinema hall. According to sources, Sadan helped arrested three terrorists to cross the border. Police started investigation.

Earlier, Kolkata Special Task Force (STF) have nabbed two men from Kolkata station on Tuesday afternoon. Reportedly they carried terror outfit, they came to Kolkata station for the purpose of buying arms when the STF arrested them. The Kolkata police Special Task Force have seized many arms and ammunitions from them and also arrested  the supplier who is said to be an Indian who hails from Basirhat .

According to sources  Samsad Miya alias Tushar Biswas (36), Riyaz or Riazidul Islam alias Suman Salam (25) and Manotosh Dey (45). Samsad Miya alias (Tushar Biswas) is an active member of ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT)’ a banned organization of Bangladesh , also have connection with ‘Al-Qaeda’. Riazidul aslo hails from Bangladesh , Manotosh Dey is an Indian hails from Basirhat in West Bengal.

While addressing to media the STF DC Murlidhar Sharma Said “Among the militants , Samsad and Riyaz are members of ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT)’ of Al-Qaeda militant group. This team have killed many common people in Bangladesh. They have been in India for one and a half years. They have admitted many of their crimes. Manotosh Dey is a supplier of illegal arms and ammunitions.”

The STF have received multiple Al-Qaeda leaflets from the militants, 7.31 mm gun and a single shutter gun has also been recovered from them. Beside these a laptop and a pen drive have also recovered. The militants were also carrying the maps of several important places of Kolkata like Esplanade bus stop and Eden Gardens.

STF DC Murlidhar Sharma further added that “In addition to buying arms, they will investigate what were their other motives. whether there was a series of any attacks in Kolkata or not STF will also investigate that , It is not possible to say anything at this moment.”