Once Brave ‘Tiger’ Backs Again Their Bravery


Kolkata: Once a formidable force in Bengal politics, the CPIM, the Tiger of the then time is now just a shadow of its past as it struggles to hold on to its ground, with the BJP fast replacing it as the main opposition to the ruling TMC. The recent past some movement-oriented programs have indicated that they may again gain their power. Now it’s time to kick back again.

সাহসী হচ্ছে একদা ‘বাঘ’ সিপিএম

The center of the incident is Hooghly District. Here CPIM is taking the way to directly protest against the Trinamool, and the post of protest in social site was gone viral. Two pictures have been posted on ‘Manusher SATHE CPIM’ pages. The post included “The comrades wrote the wall in support of the general strike, the Trinamool supporters fixed the brigade poster over it. Comrades again protested by writing the at wall next to the TMC poster. Congratulations to comrades.”

Central trade union (CTUs) have called for a two day nationwide general strike on January 8 and 9, 2019 in protest of what they call the pro- corporate, anti-national and anti-people policies of the BJP-led NDA government.

That’s why the Left workers wrote at the wall to success the bandh. TMC’s brigade meeting will be held in the month of January also. Non-BJP supporters and leaders will come at brigade meeting. The brigade poster was stitched over the left poster.

In this post, leftists has claimed that this is the picture of Hindmotor and Kotrang area, under the Hooghly district. Last Singur’s farmers procession was the biggest oxygen cylinder for left brigade. Now how did Left workers show their roar once again ? This question started to rise.

In the middle of 2006, TMC dared to erase the Left party’s wall writing. Now in 2019, the picture is totally changed. Left brigade faced trouble to overcome all hurdles to gain the power. But this incident may indication of change in the motivation of Left Brigade.