On Teacher’s Day, Ex-Teacher Donated Money To His School


Nandigram: On attending Teacher’s Day ceremony, a retired school teacher donated Rs 60,000 to the school. Prabir Kumar Ranjit, ex teacher of the Sonachura KCA Milan Vidyamandir donated this amount to the school on teacher’s day ceremony. Apart from money, he gave a Harmonium to the school.

Prabir Babu, a resident of Sonachura, has taught for 34 years in this school. He has helped many students in various ways in his teacher’s life. And after retirement, he made the re-appearance through this funding.

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Prabir Babu said, “In the extreme wet weather of the coastal areas, it is very difficult for the students to study in the closed rooms of the school and the school have brought fans by this money for students.” The school teacher Arindam Maiti said that this initiative will enrich the education sector.

On the other hand, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, a sum of Rs 20,000 was given to the Banmali Chatta High School authorities of Kanti 3 block by ex-students Gautam Tripathi and Ashish Kumar Tripathi of the school. The school’s headmaster Mamud Hossain said the students will be given talent-money.