Old Teacher Of Nandigram Appeals For Euthanasia


Tamluk: A retired primary teacher from Nandigram in East Midnapore pleads for euthanasia. The man named Saroj Bhattacharya has appealed to the administration for mercy killing.

Local sources confirmed that, he was facing a legal process in court for an inherited land dispute for which he was unable to build his home. He was helpless after his voluntary retirement. Failing to bear the situation the old man appealed to the administration for euthanasia. On the other hand, the person against whom the case has been filed claims the place to be his.The villagers have boycotted him socially.

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The retired teacher, Saroj Bhattacharya planned to build a house with his own savings and with the money that he saved for his son under Bangla Abash Yojana. Accordingly, the construction work of the house on his land was also started in front of his present house.But Saroj’s neighbour Nabakumar Bhattacharya claimed the land to be his.
Nabakumar even filed a complaint in Haldia Court against Saroj. So the helpless old man Saroj was bound to take the help of the administration to get out of the problem early.But he did not get any solution.So he was forced to appeal the administration for mercy killing. On the other hand, the accused Nabakumar said, the plot number 1506 is his own. So he has filed the case. And due to this incident he has been boycotted socially by the villagers.