OLA Cabs hacked, credit card information at risk


Mumbai: In a recent spate of cyber-attack on commercial entities, Bangalore based cab service, OLA cabs has been reportedly hacked. An unknown hacker group known as TeamUnknown on Sunday claimed on Reddit that it had managed to hack OLA cabs. The hacker group claims that it has access to its user database, which it has described as ‘Winning a lottery’.

TeamUnknown has claimed that it even sent an email to OLA cabs proving that it was hacked and to show them the weakness in their system, but it received no response. To prove that it managed to hack OLA cabs, it has posted screenshots that show results of the database query with a lot of names related to the service provider.

Now, we can’t confirm if this is true. But if in the case it is, then TeamUnknown will be able to see unused vouchers, credit card history, and more personal data. It goes without saying that no one will want such data to fall into the hands of a group of hackers. Thankfully, on the Reddit post, TeamUnknown specifies,” It’s obvious that we won’t be using credit card details and voucher codes.”

On the other hand OLA claimed that its systems are safe as the hack was conducted in a staging environment with only dummy user name values available. Also, it claims the hackers did not reach out to it.