Oil Tanker Strike Cripples Life In Jammu

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Jammu: With the oil tankers’ association going on an indefinite strike across Jammu and Kashmir, petrol pumps across the state have almost gone dry, crippling normal life.

Long queues of vehicles could be seen outside the petrol stations across the Jammu region with people making a desperate attempt to refill the fuel tanks of their vehicles before the petrol pumps turn completely dry.

“We have not received new supply after the oil tankers association went on strike from yesterday, we are on the verge of exhausting whatever reserve we had at the petrol station,” Manoj Kumar, manager at a petrol pump station said.

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He said that all the petrol pumps across Jammu region have been seeing huge rush since early morning with.

“Some petrol pumps have already started running out of petrol and diesel and long queues are seen outside the petrol pumps which have some stock left,” Mr Kumar said.

To manage the unending rush of people waiting for their turn to refill their vehicles, the petrol pump operators had to take the help of the police to maintain law and order.

“To maintain law and order and to help stop these long queues from causing traffic jams we had to deploy police outside some of the petrol stations,” a police officer said. The local residents said that they have been facing huge problem due to the strike.

The oil tankers association went on an indefinite strike from yesterday alleging that their vehicles were attacked in Kashmir by stone pelting mobs and they have also snapped supply to the security forces including the army deployed at the Siachen glacier.

“Stopping of oil supplies in Jammu is an anti-national step; this move has crippled the life across Jammu region. Administration must initiate an enquiry to find out on whose behest the decision was taken, this is just blackmail,” Parveen Kumar who was waiting to get his vehicle refilled outside a petrol station said.

Meanwhile, the president of the oil tankers association said that they would not call of their strike unless the government fulfils their demands.

“Just today 70 of our vehicles were attacked in Kangan in Kashmir and three drivers were injured, we will call off our strike only after the government agrees to provide compensation for the damaged vehicles and the injured drivers and also security to the vehicles moving to Kashmir,” president of the association Anan Sharma said.

The people in Jammu fear that with the truckers association also going on strike, the prices of essential commodities would increase in the region.

“We have not received fresh vegetables and other supplies today, we fear that the prices might increase if the scarcity continues,” a greengrocer said.