Oil Massages To Opt For Rejuvenation


A warm oil massage removes toxin from the body and strengthens immunity. Opt for olive oil or sesame oil to nourish skin, say experts.

* Go for Ayurvedic abhyanga massage. In this traditional Indian technique, your body is massaged with a herbal oil. This helps reduce your body fatigue and knots in the muscles.

* Warm oil massages in winter helps one to boost immune system.

* Ayurvedic Poultice massage is based on the principles of therapeutic application of warmth. The healer massages your body with linen potali, stuffed with essential herbs and therapeutic oils.

* A hot stone massage is a natural therapy to help you ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues. During this therapy a smooth and flat stone is heated and placed on certain parts of your body to amplify the therapeutic benefits along with essential oils.

* Ayurvedic shirodhara massage is an ancient ayurvedic technique of pouring oils or liquids over the forehead in a continuous and consistent flow. The warm and herb induced liquids or oil is poured on the forehead. This is a chakra point just above and between the eyebrows.