Oh Yes.. I Don’t Need a Boyfriend


Who needs a boyfriend? Come on girls!! Being single is not that immoral at all. Living single is actually pretty enjoyable.
I admire that they are handsome, sexy and physically strong. But who the f**k wants it. I mean I can do great without.

Here are 5 reasons why girls don’t need a boyfriend and happily enjoy their existence.

1.    You can focus on your buddies

Having a boyfriend means he will take all your time. From the time when you woke up till the sleeping time at night, he will grab all your time like a full time job. Not having boyfriend provides you to focus on your best buddies and you are enjoying your life as heaven.


2.    More Money for Yourself

According to boys, they are spending all their money to his girlfriend.  I mean who said this? We girls are also spending money for our boyfriends: Paying mobile bills, giving good gifts and so on. And after that they could not even except for admiration. Not even they are claiming for awe.

What the ****

Living solo gives you to spend your money according to your choice.


3.    Share? No Way

Having a boyfriend means you have to share your stuffs specially chocolates and foods. Yaa I know sharing is caring. But you can munch a delicious chocolate on your own without sharing a piece with your boyfriend.


4.    You can flirt whoever you want

Living alone provides you a great arena, where you can flirt with anyone you want. Who says, the opposite person’s response is real love? So enjoy flirting.


5.    You have a space for your own

Having a boyfriend means he will measure all your footsteps.  Oh God.. I neither need another parent nor a bodyguard.  I need my own space damn.


So enjoy your independence and do whatever you want to do in your life.