Official Poster Of Kaushik Ganguly’s NagarKirtan Out


Kolkata: The official poster of Kaushik Ganguly’s NagarKirtan has been released on Friday in his social media handle of Twitter. Kaushik Ganguly says he is totally proud of this film NagarKirtan.

The film will release on January 19, 2019. This film has already received four national awards and criticcally acclaimed in several film festival. This film has been totally praised in 65th National Awards. Riddhi Sen received best actor award.

Nagar Kirtan has been selected in 49th edition of International Film Festival Of India (IFFI), Goa. It will share space with biggies like Padmavat in the Panoroma section. It will be screened on November 20, 2019.

The director told that , “Among all my directed films it is really special to me. It has already received four national recognitions.” Apart from Best Actor, Nagar Kirtan has received special Jury , Make-Up and Costume awards.”

Nagar Kirtan is a story of a urban trandgender who was born a boy and understands that he is a woman trapped in the body of a man, who is alter called Puti. The social dillema worsens as Puti falls in love with a flute player, Madhu.

The story not only tells Puti’s fate but expolres the journey of the couple’s through devotion to eternal love. It is one of the heart wrenching love stories are lost to social shame and pressure every day due to social and moral prejudices.

NagarKirtan, is an urban love story of a transgender that frames the experience of an invisible community which is rarely portrayed in the arena of Indian mainstream cinema. Over the years Kaushik Ganguly has delved in the crux of pervading gender issues and acceptance of one’s sexuality in Indian society.

It then went on to winning the heart of the critics, making Nagarkirtan the first for any Indian filmmaker to win an award at the Toronto Film Critics Association.