Official: ISIS Using Deadly Mustard Gas


Baghdad: The ISIS Takfiri terrorist group has used the poisonous mustard gas during withdrawal from Al-Anbar University.

Samir al-Shavili, a media advisor of Iraq’s Counter-Terrorism, told FNA on Sunday “The Iraqi troops were exposed to mustard gas in the munitions fired by the ISIL as they were winning back the Anbar University”.

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He said after a thorough physical examination of the Iraqi soldiers who had taken part in Anbar university operation it came to be known that the ISIS had used mustard gas against the Iraqi forces.

Meantime, Iraqi security expert Abdulkarim al-Jabouri, told FNA that the ISIS has used mustard gas several times against the Iraqi troops so far.

Earlier today, the Iraqi army started fresh military operations to take control of a strategic region in al-Anbar province, and killed tens of ISIS Takfiri terrorists in fierce clashes.

The army, backed by warplanes, is advancing in Anbar province towards al-Khalediya region which is currently under the control of the ISIS terrorists.

The Iraqi officials announced that at least 45 Takfiri terrorists have been killed and their strongholds have been destroyed in the Iraqi army raid.

The ISIS has links with Saudi intelligence and is believed to be indirectly supported by the Israeli regime.