Odd-Even Plan: Violators to Pay Fine of Rs 2,000


New Delhi: The AAP government has granted special powers to Delhi Police under the Motor Vehicles Act to impose a fine of Rs 2,000 on violators. A formal notification on the plan will be issued on Monday.

Cars driven by women with no accompanying male aged above 12 years, VIP vehicles and two-wheelers were among those exempted from the odd-even traffic restriction plan to be rolled out from January 1 to 15.

Unveiling the final implementation plan, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Thursday periodic reviews will be held to assess whether the list of those exempted needs to be changed. Some officials said the exemption on two-wheelers will apply only for the first week.

The CM, however, added that the odd-even formula would succeed in improving the city’s air quality only if Delhiites cooperate. If there are large scale violations, the government would have to suspend the plan. “We can penalize only if everyone participates. If there are lots of violations and Delhiites do not wish to be a part of this plan, we will have to suspend it because we cannot fine everyone. Such moves require a cultural change and we cannot force people,” said Kejriwal.

More than 10,000 volunteers from NSS, NCC and civil defence will also be stationed across the city to stop violators and persuade them to follow the restrictions. In a Gandhigiri gesture, they may also hand out a rose to each violator.

The Delhi CM has kept himself out of the exemptions, saying he will car pool with other ministers while two of them, deputy CM Manish Sisodia and tourism minister Kapil Mishra said they will cycle to work on days they cannot use their cars.

While the government has made elaborate plans to augment public transport during the two-week trial period, Kejriwal admitted it would still not be sufficient to meet the additional demand. The most practical alternative to personal vehicles is car pooling, he said.

“Public transport will not improve dramatically even though we are adding 4,000-5000 extra buses. Metro will operate on peak frequency, Around 10,000 new auto permits have been issued and the PoochO app has been launched. Those who will leave behind their cars will face problems and all of them cannot move to public transport. The practical solution is car pooling. Make arrangements with friends and family. In the next two to three days, we will also launch a car-pooling app,” said the CM.