Odd Even Plan Success: Kejriwal Thanked Delhi


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today thanked people of Delhi for ‘overwhelming response’ to his government’s even-odd vehicle rationing scheme. Friday was the last day of the 15-day trial period of the Delhi government’s plan to check air pollution in the national capital.

Quoting data, the Delhi government claimed air pollution levels decreased considerably from January 1 to 15. “Lots of people talk about how great the system is in Singapore, elsewhere, but odd-even proved the same can be done here,” Kejriwal told reporters.

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I request the people of Delhi to continue with plan voluntarily as it is in interest of our children and state,” the CM added.

The AAP government will hold a programme on Sunday at Chhatrasal Stadium to felicitate all the stakeholders who made the plan a success and the plan future course of action, Kejriwal said. “An assessment meeting will be held on Monday to discuss the shortcomings of the first-phase experiment and ensure that they are rectified in the second phase,” Kejriwal added.

According to Kejriwal, “Decision on odd-even was tough, but Delhi people accepted it in true spirit. Odd-Even Plan was supported not just by Delhi people but even, judges car-pooled and walked to work. I congratulate everyone for the success of odd-even plan in Delhi. Request Delhi people to continue with odd-even plan voluntarily as it is in interest of our children and state. Pollution levels came down, but less congestion on roads was one of the benefits that people witnessed.”

Figures from the US Embassy in Delhi showed PM2.5 levels were lower than on the first day of the trial, but air quality was still “very unhealthy” on Friday morning, with PM2.5 levels at 156, six times the safe limit set by the World Health Organization safe limit.