OC Transferred For Ruling Party’s Pressure?


Suri: Questions are being raised as to why the Officer-in-charge of Kakortala Partha Sarathi Mukherjee was transferred overnight. The OC was transferred soon after the death of Birbhum’s Khayrashol’s TMC leader Dipak Ghosh.

Dipak Ghosh’s family had accused OC of Kakortala police station for being responsible for Dipak’s death. They said that Dipak was murdered as per the OC’s planning and conspiracy. Soon after these accusations were levelled against the OC, he was transferred immediately overnight. Mystery looms over the question that was there any other reason behind his transfer?

Dipak Ghosh’s nephew Biswajit Ghosh on Monday directly accused Kakortala’s OC Partha Sarathi Mukherjee for being responsible for his uncle’s death. He alleged that with the help of OC goons murdered his uncle. It is being assumed that the administration decided to transfer the OC based on the TMC leader’s family claims.

A group of miscreants fired at Khayrashol’s TMC block president Dipak Ghosh while he was returning home from work on Sunday. He was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. The miscreants on bike fired at him from a close distance, as per accusations. Apart from gunshot wounds, wounds as a result of attack by sharp weapons were also found in his body.

The TMC leader’s condition worsened since the time he was rushed to the hospital. An operation could also not save him. Unfortunately he passed away on Monday at Durgapur hospital.

Dipak’s body was brought to his Khayrashol’s house in the evening. Birbhum’s TMC district president Anubrata Mondal said that Dipak used to do a good job and hence a conspiracy was hatched to kill him. Before this, in the past too, fires were shot at him. This time, five bullets were fired at him. He accused he BJP for being behind this. He warned saying that the police will do their own work but the party will not leave anyone.

Birbhum’s police super Kunal Agarwal said that seven have been detained by the Birbhum police over the Dipak Ghosh murder incident. The incident is being investigated. Already security has been beefed up at the Jharkhand border’s Naka checking point.