Objectionable Images Posted On Shekhar Suman’s Facebook Wall


Mumbai: TV and Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman’s Facebook account was hacked on Friday and ‘nude pictures and objectionable content’ was allegedly shared on his wall. The actor said he was ‘highly disappointed’ after the incident and said that he will approach the cyber crime cell to investigate.

A news agency quoted Shekhar Suman as saying that he was ‘highly disappointed’ about the whole episode of his Facebook account being hacked. The 55-year-old actor informed that he was not ‘too active’ on Facebook.

Shekhar Suman said that on Friday evening, he started getting calls from his friends who told him that some nude pictures and other objectionable content was being posted on his Facebook wall. They raised the red-flag that his FB account must have been hacked.

The ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’ actor said that he will be reporting the incident to the cyber crime cell.
Upset with the hacking incident, Shekhar Suman told the news agency that he planned to go offline from social media.

Suman said that he had earlier thought of deleting his social media accounts, but he didn’t as it was a good way to stay connected with his fans. However, after the hacking incident, Shekhar Suman said he might go offline from social media as his reputation was at stake.

Speaking further about the hacking incident, Shekhar Suman sympathised with common people. He said that since celebrities have some credibility, people will not believe that they would post such pictures, but how would the common man prove that they are not guilty if such an incident were to happen with them.

He concluded by calling hacking a dangerous thing in the digital era.

On the Bollywood front, Shekhar Suman was last seen in Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Bhoomi’. In 2014, Suman had directed a film titled ‘Heartless’ with his son Adhyayan in the lead role.

On television, besides the hit show ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, he has appeared in ‘Movers n Shakers’, ‘Simply Shekhar’ and ‘Carry On Shekhar’, all of the last three were based on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’.