Object Near Delhi Airport Was a Weather Balloon


New Delhi: More than two hours after a security alert was sounded, Delhi Police on Wednesday confirmed that the mystery object spotted near the airport was a weather balloon.

Delhi Police had alerted the Indian Air Force and other authorities after the balloon was spotted moving towards the Delhi airport around 5pm.

The incident comes a day after a balloon was shot down by an IAF jet over Barmer in Rajasthan after it crossed the border and intruded into Indian airspace.

Police alerted the IAF and air traffic control at the Indira Gandhi International airport after a resident in Gurgaon alerted them.

None of the flights were affected because of the alert.

For two hours security agencies were trying to locate the balloon which was first spotted moving towards the area which has the IGI airport and an IAF station.

In Rajasthan on Tuesday, an IAF Sukhoi 30 scrambled as soon as an alert was sounded and brought down a balloon that had drifted in from the Pakistan side.

An investigation is on to determine why the met balloon strayed into the no-fly zone near Barmer