Obama’s speech at Siri Fort Auditorium: LIVE


US President Barack Obama addresses the youth of the nation at Siri Fort Ground in south Delhi. Here are the excerpts from his speech.

  • The U.S. President concludes his speech with Jai Hind.
  • India and America will fight together against racism
  • everyone has the chance to pursue his/her dreams.
  • youth of India can shape the world
  • Will help India to deal with climate change
  • India’s Diversity is an example to other countries
  • Our Diversity is our strength
  • Nations are more successful when their women are successful
  • Here in India, it is the women who sew all families and people together
  • The aim of our work should not be to have a few do well but have everybody do well
  • India and US are together in fight against terror
  • In recent years, India has lifted more people out of poverty than any other country
  • We would want a United Nation Security Council that includes India as a permanent member
  • The goal for us should be a world without nuclear weapons
  • We are one of the few nations who have gone to both the Moon & Mars
  • More than 100 years ago, America welcomed a son of India, Swami Vivekananda
  • US has the the largest Indian diaspora in the world, they tie us together
  • Relationship between US-India can be one of the defining partnerships of the century
  • Thank you so much for welcoming us back to India, ‘Bahut Dhanyawaad’.
  • US’ relation with India can be one of the defining partnerships of this century
  • For the 1st time we brought Diwali to the White House
  • It’s been a great honour to be the first US President to be Chief Guest at India’s Republic Day