Obama warns Pakistan ahead of India visit


Washington: US President Barack Obama will be touching down on Indian soil on Sunday. Two days before his arrival, Obama gives a strong message to Pakistan for its involvement in terrorist activities.

Directly blaming Pakistan for 26/11 attack, he said, “Pakistan, the breeding ground of terrorists would not be tolerated.” He also demanded the proper punishment of all the terrorists involved in the attack.

He said, “America might be working with Pakistan in counter terrorism operations but will not tolerate its link with the terrorists. The terrorists involved in 26/11 attack should be punished.”

He also condemned the Taliban attack in a Peshawar army school. Pakistan has banned Hafiz Sayeed’s Jamat-ud-Dawah who is one of the main accused in the Mumbai attack. Restrictions have also been imposed upon his foreign travel.

He also hoped that India and the US would help each other in countering terrorists.