Obama Nominates Muslim To Judiciary, First Of Its Kind


Washington: President Barrack Obama nominates a Muslim as a federal judge of the United States, in an attempt to widen the ethnic and racial composition of the country’s Judiciary.

Pakistan-born Abid Qureshi could be the first Muslim judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, post Senate’s approval. Obama is scheduled to leave the Presidential throne in the next four months, and it is unlikely that the Republican controlled Senate will confirm the nomination.

Obama has been instrumental in the inclusion of various ethnic origins into the judicial system during his tenure. Indian origin Sri Srinivasan, U.S Circuit Judge in the District of Columbia is being considered for a upgradation to the US Supreme Court. Also a Hispanic origin judge was functional during his rule.

The appointment of diversified origins including minorities, African American, LGBT officials to the federal bench has been more than under any other US President.

Abid Qureshi’s nomination by the President is significant in the presidential election campaign that is underway. Republican nominee Donald Trump had earlier stated that a Muslim judge also could not be impartial towards him, when several Republican leaders had denounced Trump’s position.