Obama expresses condolence towards the deceased king


Dubai: Saudi king Abdullah passed away this Friday at an age of 90, a week after he was admitted to the hospital with a lung infection.

He had ascended the throne at a very old age. The King earned the reputation as an able reformer and as the absolute monarchy ruler over a country of vast wealth and influence. He enjoyed a swift flow in success in his career.

President Obama expressed his condolence for the late king, expressed himself by saying, “I always valued King Abdullah’s perspective and appreciated our genuine and warm friendship.”

The citizen’s are traumatized and are in after shock. With the death of the King, Indian lost a valuable friend from Middle East. Within hours of the decease of Abdullah king Salman, the 79-year-old-brother ascended the throne.

“ We will continue adhering to the correct policies with Saudi Arabia has fallowed since its establishment,” he added.