As Obama Demits Office, Modi Takes Lead In Social Media


Washington: Today, as Barack Obama leaves office and Donald Trump becomes the US President, Prime Minister Narendra Modi becomes the world’s most followed leader of a country on social media.

Modi now has the highest number of followers among all leaders of State on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+, according to PMO sources.

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Modis followers on Twitter are 26.5 million, on Facebook the number is 39.2 million, on Google+, the number is 3.2 million, on LinkedIn, the number is 1.99 million, on Instagram it is 5.8 million and on Youtube

it is 5.91 lakhs, the sources noted. His Mobile App, which has close to 10 million downloads, is also the most widely used app for a political figure.

The app consists of gamification features where people can contribute in many ways and earn points.

The Prime Minister regularly invites suggestions for various issues through his App and the top contributors in the App get to meet PM Modi