Obama-Bollywood connection


New Delhi: The US President is known for his various shades of character. Among these, his Bollywood connect was re-established in his second visit to India. The ‘desi’ touch to his speech was cemented when he addressed the press by saying ‘Namaste’ and ‘Mera Pyaar bhara Namaskar’. His next connect to the flamboyant film industry was set up when he said that Narendra Modi was greeted like a Bollywood Superstar at Madison Square Garden, in America.

In his speech at the Delhi Town Hall, Obama revisited the sentiment of DDLJ by quoting Sharukh Khan. He said,”Bade bade desho mein..you know what I mean”. Yes, Mr. Pesident, we very well know your weakness towards the bombshells of Bollywood.

A few days ago, the much talked about sexy siren, Mallika Sherawat was in the lime light as Mallika claimed that she is about to meet Barack Obama. But in reality, ‘Chai pe charcha’ had been exclusively a ‘NaMo’ affair.

His speech at the Town Hall of New Delhi was squared up by ‘O Mitwa, Sun Mitwa’ from Lagaan. Obama was seen cherishing the melodiuos song of the Aamir Khan starrer.

The US President will leave for Saudi Arabia from India to meet the newly coronated King, Salman at Abdullah’s funeral. The gods of destiny has connected Obama to a name here even which has its traces in our very own studio(s) of Mumbai.

Story: Spandan Banerjee