O, A and B Goes Missing From UK Sign Boards


London: The alphabets O, A and B went missing from sign boards across United Kingdom (UK), well the reason for the disappearance is to symbolize the shortage of ‘Blood Group- O, A and B’ in the wake of National blood Week.

The initiative was launched by NHS across UK to mark the National Blood Week which Begun from June 8 and will go on till June 14. This campaign has been carried out in a bid to spread awareness about people who cannot donate blood.

#Missingtype is catching up on social media as well, people are tweeting their names without using the letters O,B and A to promote the campaign.

Letters O, B and A have been taken out of the boardings across the UK as they refer to a particular blood group which are short in supply.

Various organisations are following this initiative which aims at bringing about ways to cope with the decline in number of blood donors in England and Wales. In the past decade, the numbers have fallen by 40 per cent.

According to the NHS, around 20, 000 new donors of the different blood types are required for this year alone to meet the demand. The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in particular have been among the least donors with less than 5 per cent contribution towards blood donation in the past one year.

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