Nursing Home Vandalised Over Negligence Of Treatment


Mahishadal: Mahishadal’s Jagannathpur village’s Sheikh Abu Bakkar’s wife Rousana Bibi was admitted to a nursing home of Mahishadal on Saturday morning over breathing problems.

It is being alleged that the 45-year-old Rousana Bibi died due to nursing home’s negligence. She was admitted to the nursing home at around 9am for breathing problems. It is being alleged that soon after admission, without taking permission from any doctor, a nurse gave her an injection. Soon after administering the injection, she died.

After this, chaos erupted in the area. The relatives of the deceased tried vandalising the nursing home. The Mahishadal police rushed to the area. The nursing home administration fled after the incident.

As a result of this, the traffic at Mahishadal-Terpekkhya state highway was disrupted. A huge police force was deployed in the area and then the situation was brought under control.