Nurse Arrested For Beating Old Woman In Kolkata


Kolkata: A nurse, who was attending an ailing 85-year-old woman for the last four months, was arrested for allegedly beating the woman, police said on Saturday.

“Sanjukta Paik was arrested after the family members of 85-year-old Sukumari Saha lodged a police complaint and submitted CCTV footage which showed the nurse beating the ailing woman,” said an officer of Patuli police station.

Saha’s family members said that they installed a CCTV camera in the room after noticing black injury marks on her face, hands and body. They also consulted doctors as her family members initially thought black marks could be due to illness.

Saha had a brain stroke a couple of years back and the nurse was engaged as she was not able to move on her own and required help even to take medicine, one of her family members said. Police said Paik had admitted to beating the old woman.