NSG Commandos To Undertake Regular Yoga


New Delhi: NSG ‘black cats’ will now perform yoga as part of their daily physical training and undergo graded psychological tests under a new regimen to prepare them for counter-terror and hijack operations.

According to a blueprint prepared by the National Security Guard, the force has, for the first time, decided to introduce yoga exercises in the “routine” physical training curriculum of its commandos.

It has also decided on a regular process to tabulate the “psychological attributes” of each of its combat commandos, also known as black cats, in order to enhance their overall personality development.

The new steps are being taken as the NSG’s mandate to counter terrorist and hijack bids, apart from protecting high threat perception VIPs, is very specific and requires “physically and mentally fit personnel”, who are trained to be the best commandos of the country, states the blueprint.

A Psychological Screening Test (PST) is conducted at present when personnel from various uniformed forces join it on deputation. But the NSG now wants a “regular process” of measuring the psychological attributes of a commando in the ranks.

The force will soon hire a psychologist as it has a “pressing requirement” of a qualified expert for not only choosing commandos at the entry level, but also for psychological counselling of trainees.

Similarly, it has sought the full-time services of an experienced yoga mentor. Yoga, official sources said, is now mandatory for commandos but only specific capsules are being conducted in the NSG by experts from outside. Now, there will be a full- time instructor on the rolls.