NSA Spying On India’s Nuke Development Program, Revealed Snowden


Washington: Edward Snowden recently revealed that NSA spying on India’s nuclear-capable missile systems. With the help of its bases in Australia and Thailand NSA used rainfall having put suspicion on.

গোটা পাক নৌবাহিনীকে একাই খতম করতে পারে আইএনএস কলকাতা

One of the freshly released documents, titled “New collection access yields ‘spectacular’ intel,” has revealed US spying activities against India carried out by NSA sites abroad. It states that an NSA facility in Australia, codenamed rainfall, “had successfully geolocated signals of a suspected Indian nuclear weapons storage facility” in October 2004.

The document specifies that the breakthrough was achieved by LEMONWOOD, the NSA station in Thailand. The document states that fielding of new demodulating equipment gave the agency access to ‘spectacular’ activity.

ভারতের হয়ে অত্যাধুনিক সাবমেরিন তৈরির জন্য লড়ছে চার শক্তিধর রাষ্ট্র

Data revealed to the NSA about the existence of Sagarika SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile). Surprisingly, Ministry of Defence on August 2, 2006 told Rajya Sabha that ‘There is no missile project by name Sagarika.

The other missile NSA learnt about was the Dhanush, a sea-launched ballistic missile which is actually the Indian Navy variant of the Prithvi. The other revelation from the document is about India’s nuclear weapons. The first weapon the document states is a fuel-air explosive (thermobaric) bomb of a new type.