NRI faces IRS fraud calls


Washington: An NRI  has been troubled for quite some years now. He has been receiving fake IRS calls from scammers in India.Being an Indian and well conversant with the Hindi language,he could make out from the accent that the international calls were made to him from the northern part of India namely from the areas of Gurgaon and its adjoining places.

The person even called back to one of the numbers he received. According to him, an Indian guy picked up the call and claimed to be an IRS officer. On asking the guy the reason behind scamming people, he hurled back with profanities in Hindi.

IRS fraud is considered to be a Federal crime in US. To stop this and bring the matter under the notice of CBI ant the US embassy, the troubled person has even sent a mail to the respective bodies informing them about the heinous matter.

He has also stated that along with him, many of the Indian families in US are facing the same trouble. He feels the Government Of India must step into the case and see that these frauds get punished as soon as possible.