NRC ‘Suicide’ Case: Police Denies, Says Suicide Over Financial Constraint


Guwahati: A day after the report of a man’s suicide due to exclusion from the complete draft of National Register of Citizens(NRC) had triggered a sensation in Baksa district, the police on Monday denied the same.

As per the family members, locals and the All Assam Bengali Youth Students Federation, the deceased Binoy Chanda(32) was “depressed” after his name was excluded from the complete draft of the NRC which was published on July 30.

Excluded From NRC Draft, Man Commits Suicide

Family members also alleged that Chanda had also been very rattled after making several rounds of the Foreigner’s Tribunal (FT) in a pending D-voter case related to his mother Shanti Chanda. An FIR was also filed with the Tamulpur police following his suicide.

However, the Baksa police on Tuesday addressing the media said there are no cases
of the Chanda family with the FT and further appealed to the media to avoid rumour

“The NRC exercise is going on under the supervision of Supreme Court. Any rumours related to NRC during this time should be avoided. Without prior police investigation, the people should not intentionally promote doubtful truth. The actual reason behind Chanda’s death is yet to be ascertained. He is suspected to have died of financial constraint.” police said.