NRC Row: Chaos Spreads To Meghalaya


Meghalaya: Assam is in the headlines for publishing a draft NRC which excluded 40
lakh people, in an alleged effort to weed out Bangladeshi immigrants. On the other hand, Meghalaya’s influential Khasi Students Union (KSU) has called upon the traditional bodies and village elders to detect and report any spill-over incidents.

The KSU has also demanded for the removal of Bengalis from the state. Even the KSU has been announcing through microphones for the eviction of foreigners from their state. They have demanded for the extension of NRC to their state too. As a result,
chaos has been created in Assam-Meghalaya border. A huge contingency of the police
force has been deployed in the area. Alert has been sounded in Shillong too.

As a result, several Bengali families who are staying in Meghalaya and Shillong, are worried. They are quite insecured at the moment. The KSU said that several people are staying in their state illegally. Such people must be removed and the government must ensure it.

KSU also said that, no illegal immigrants from Assam should flee to their state. Those having Inner Line Permit will also be kept under strict vigil.

After the draft Assam NRC was released, several north-eastern states are on high alert over the possible influx of people from Assam who are not included in the list. The Meghalaya government has called for a special meeting over this matter. Peace at every sector has been requested for.