‘NRC Like Exercise Not To Be Allowed In Bengal’


Kolkata: Speaking against the idea of conducting an NRC in West Bengal, senior Congress leader Abdul Mannan clearly said that such an idea will not be allowed in WB. He also said that the propagators of such an idea should not ‘play with fire”.

While addressing a convention on the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, Mannan said that the parties should desist from trying to reap political dividends by polarising people in the name of NRC.

Speaking about those 40 lakhs people who were left out of the NRC list in Assam, he
said, “Where will those having been born 50 years back will go? What is happening to Bengalis and other linguistic minorities in Assam will happen to others also in future, if we can’t resist this dangerous trend to divide people along communal and linguistic lines”.

Hitting out at the BJP party, Mannan said, “Some people are also talking about conducting the NRC exercise in West Bengal if they came to power in future. We assert this will never be allowed to happen in our state.”

Senior CPI(M) leader Sujan Chakraborty described omission of over 40 lakh applicants in the complete NRC draft as “against humanity”. Besides Bengali-speaking, names of many non-Bengalis were dropped from the final draft list, Chakraborty claimed. “This is not a fight between Assam and Bengal. This is not a fight between Assamese and Bengalis. This is an attack on human beings having lived in the country as bonafide citizens for ages,” he said.