NRC Issue: Congress Stages Protest In Front Of Assam Bhavan


Kolkata: West Bengal Congress is set to stage protest against Assam National Registers Of Citizen on Thursday in front of Assam Bhavan at 12pm (ANRC) as fourty lakh people will be out of NRC list.

Allegedly, The draft of NRC has came out a list where 40 lakh people have been tagged as ‘illegal’ citizen which has created ruckus in the adjacent of Bangladesh border and Assam-Tripura Border. All the oppositions have come together to stand against ANRC. Mamata Banerjee has challenged to go for a larger movement protesting National Registers of Citizens.

The ‘Matua’ community on Wednesday has staged rail block in protest of NRC. South Kolkata Congress leadership will come to the field on Thursday. District President Pradip Prasad said, BJP has forcefully tagged 40 lakh people as Bangladesh infiltrators. BJP used to do ‘dividing politics’ so now.

He added firmly that, we will observe sit-in demonstration in front of Assam Bhavana. Huge amount of police have been deployed in Russell street to avoid any chaos regarding the issue.

The TMC delegation has been brutally manhandled in Silchar Airport.