Now Train Delays Will Cost Officials Their Promotions


New Delhi: Train passengers in India have one common complaint that the trains don’t come on time. But, maybe not anymore.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has asked senior Railway officials to improve train punctuality in one month or lose appraisal proportionately.

Railway Minister told Zonal Managers that they cannot hide behind the pretext of maintenance work to explain delays in train services. He warned the heads of Zonal Railways that delays in train services will defer their annual appraisals.

The Minister called out every zonal head individually and asked them to explain the poor punctuality figures. But, he came on heavily on Northern Railway- General Manager as his zone recorded 49.59 per cent punctuality performance till May 29- lowest on the index. trains are now likely to run on time as any deviation from the schedule will cost officials of the national transporter their promotions.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has warned heads of zonal railways that delays in train services will defer their appraisal proportionately, giving them a month to improve punctuality.

Goyal faced Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s queries on punctuality of trains at the Pragati meeting last month.