Now State Govt’s Pathadisha App For Private & Mini Buses Too


Kolkata: Private buses and minibuses are now going to be added the hugely popular Pathadisha app, created by the Bengal Transport Department.

From the middle of November, the app users would be able to get information almost 1,500 private and mini buses running on 107 Kolkata-originating routes. The buses which take the route from Esplanade to Hazra crossing and beyond would be the first to be included in the app. The work of connecting the buses to the app would be completed by the end of November.

Towards the latter end, the State Government is installing GPS devices on the private and mini buses too, at a cost of almost Rs 38 lakh. The devices would connect the buses to app to give real-time positions.

The prior knowledge of arrival of buses would bring about convenience as well as help in inculcating a sense of security among passengers.

There are 925 routes originating from various places in Kolkata, of which 260 are meant for buses run by West Bengal Transport Corporation and 665 for private and mini buses. There are 3,852 private buses and 1,686 mini buses which run on the 665 routes.

Every day, 6,000 buses crisscross the streets of Kolkata, of which about 1,000 to 1,500 are government-owned and the rest privately-owned.

Till date, the Pathadisha app has been downloaded more than 1.25 lakh times.