Now Smugglers Use Dark Web To Smuggle Drugs In Kolkata


Kollkata: Kolkata, The City of Joy now turned into the city of Drug smuggling. Recent many incidents indicated that kolkata is now the target of drug smugglers. Even through the Dark Web, the drug of different countries is entering at the city. In the last few cases, police officers shocked as they knew about this.

Recent drug recoveries and statements of the smugglers are clear that Kolkata is not the corridors of drug trafficking but the City of Joy is now one of their targets.

তিলোত্তমায় আমদানীকৃত ড্রাগ পাচারের মাধ্যম ডার্ক ওয়েব

Delhi Police arrested two active members of a drug trafficking group based on the Dark Web. The sensational information comes up in the hands of the investigators. These smugglers were not only in Delhi but also in other states of the country send imported drugs through Dark Web and Kolkata is also under their scanner.

These traffickers network extended from America to Germany. They also import drugs from these countries. Then they used social media to finalize the deal. According to the investigators, this deal was finalized by social media chats.

Police officials said that the price of imported drugs was almost 50 times higher than normal. Apart from the Kolkata, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune and Goa also under drug smuggler’s scanner.

It is known that these international drug traffickers identity are not real. they used their fake ID to finalize the deal. And as a result, it is extremely difficult to track them. Police officials said that they use Dark Web to keep their identity confidential.

Reported By- Soyeta Bhattacharjee/ Edited By- Piku Mukherjee