Now Password Free Google!


Washington: Google is planning to get rid of passwords, and switch entirely towards a new system of authentication. Currently code named as Project Abacus, this new method of authentication is one of Google’s top innovative entities for the current year.

Basically, the idea involves using a set of biometric readings based on smartphone usage in lieu of passwords or SMS verification. As such, Project Abacus will lock or unlock your devices on the basis of trust score; it will monitor the manner in which you interact with your smartphone, voice and speech patterns, the way in which you type, your face or other biometrics, location and travel habits, and so on. Thereafter, it will evolve a method based on such data to identify “you”, and authenticate you accordingly.

Of course, these sounds pretty fancy and futuristic, the fact that your smartphone will truly be smart enough to “identify” you, and act accordingly. It is still in development, but more and more users are speaking in favor of this system.

However, those against the concept of Abacus are strong too. Breach of privacy, access to user behavior and possibilities of a security issue, etc. are just some of the arguments against Project Abacus

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