Now Organs Available On EMI !


Purchasing a house or a car on installment or EMI is quite normal, but a shocking revelation has unveiled a racket selling vital body organs like kidney, liver on EMI and extracting the same like banks incase of non-payments of dues.

The racket has been well depicted in a Hollywood sci-fi movie.

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Thai authorities are investigating a human organ trafficking racket where impoverished victims were persuaded to sell their kidneys to patients in Bangkok hospitals. A gang with a sophisticated network worldwide is selling organs on installment, reported the authorities. But the worst part is that their henchmen are given a free hand to obtain the organ incase of dues not being cleared on time by the client.

Cambodian human trafficking police have arrested a woman in Cambodia who is accused of running a racket for more than a year to obtain the kidneys of people she knew, including relatives.

Among the victims of the woman, identified as 29 year-old Yem Azisah, who is known as Sinuon, were two of her brothers and a cousin.

Cambodia police Lieutenant-Colonel Keo Thea said Ms Sinuon would broker a price with a patient waiting for a kidney transplant and then siphon a share of the cash for herself.

All the recipients were Cambodians transferred to Bangkok for the operation.

Kidneys were sold for up to $US13,000, the Cambodia Daily reported.

A kidney racket has recently been busted in Delhi’s Apollo Hospital and several doctors were found involved.