Now New Town ‘Straying Cattle’ Free Zone

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Kolkata: The New Town Kolkata Development Authority will impose a ban on cattle straying on the roads to prevent accidents.

The assembly passed an amendment to the existing Act for the purpose on Tuesday. Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim said that cattle from neighbouring areas were causing nuisance and were becoming potential threat to road safety.

Many residents and road users say that they literally serve as “speed breakers” for motorists, hindering the road traffic on many busy routes. In some places, the driver or occupants have to get down from their vehicles to clear the stray cattle on the road. There are instances where they attack children and women, creating a sense of fear among them.

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The Minister said that cattle straying into the area would be seized and kept in an enclosure to be created for cows and goats. According to the Bill, such free influx of cattle within the periphery of the New Town needed to be controlled to ensure safety of the citizens.

A section of cattle owners consider the city roads as sheds. The cattle invariably occupy the roads from evening to morning. Kolkata Development Authority Act, the Bill also contained provisions that no person would be allowed to use any land within the area for keeping horse, cattle, pig, dog or any quadruped or any kind of bird for any purpose.