Now Manage All Medicinations With ‘Medicine Manager’ App


Sreerupa Patranobis: Chronic disease conditions like diabetes, hypertension, depression and COPD force us to take many medications. It is a challenge for many patients to maintain the list of medications and to take them properly. The situation is made even more difficult when the patients are admitted in the hospitals.

Now, a smart phone app is revolutionizing the way patients can manage their own medications. This app is called My-Meds ( It has been designed and functionalized by Dr. Madhukar Reddy Kasarla, a perioperative medicine specialist with notable contributions in clinical pharmacology. Patients can take images of their pill bottles and upload them easily on the app.

They can also keep list of their vaccines, herbals and vitamins and supplements. By creating a single point of information from the patient, it reduces or eliminates the medication errors, which is a big problem throughout the globe.

Dr. Kasarla’s simple but elegant invention has resulted from his decades of experience for caring patients as hospitalist. The patent for My-Meds is currently under consideration at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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