Now Facebook Will Prevent Suicides


New York: The social networking giant has introduced a new tool that lets users report about people whose posts reflect such potential suicidal tendency.

With people increasingly taking extreme steps when they are unable to cope with the stress in their lives, Facebook has decided to extend its helping hand with the suicide prevention tool.

It has been observed that an individual’s social media posts often reflect his or her personal state of mind. These posts could also be a warning sign for those contemplating self-harm or suicide.

Introduced earlier this year in the US, the tool is now being rolled out in Australia, reports.

If users come across direct or potentially suicidal content shared by anyone from their friends or acquaintances on the site, they could choose to report it to Facebook and in case of direct threat of suicide, one could report it immediately to the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Depending on the seriousness and authenticity of the content, the Facebook team dealing with the report could encourage the user in question to seek professional help or reach out to a friend to overcome damaging thoughts.

Facebook’s help center lists the various risks coming from different types of users and how one could offer support to those going through a difficult phase.