Now Cancel Reserved Tickets at Dedicated Counter


New Delhi: Indian railway stations will allow cancellation and refund of reserved tickets at an additional counter which was until now dispensing only unreserved tickets, an official statement said on Tuesday.

In a bid to usher in passenger friendly measures, the railways ministry has decided to convert one Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) counter, where only unreserved tickets are sold, into UTS cum Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter, where only reserved tickets are sold.

However, the cancellation and refund facility will be extended only to those tickets which were booked at the PRS counter, ruling out the facility for tickets booked through other modes like online and apps.

“Cancellation and refund of PRs (passenger reservation) counter tickets shall be made across the earmarked UTS cum PRS counter (only for refund of PRS counter tickets) beyond the working hours of existing PRS counters or current counters as per refund rules,” said the statement.