Now You Can Also Taste Tuna & Salmon, Courtesy State Govt


Kolkata: West Bengal is known for its love of fish. Earlier it was limited to pomfret, betki or hilsa but now with globalization, everybody is opening up to try varieties of seafood and different fishes.

The capital of West Bengal, famed for the Bengali’s incessant hunt for fish – rohu, pomfret, bekti, hilsa – is now a simmering wok brimming with options ranging from grilled, roasted, baked and curried platters of seafood comprising prawns, squids, octopus, crab, Tuna And Salmon.

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Thanks to the State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC), fish-lovers in Kolkata would soon be able to lay their hands on sea fishes like tuna, salmon and sardines, and sea crabs as well. The Corporation is busy making arrangements to make these available soon. They would be imported from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

After the necessary processing, the fishes would be made available through various wholesalers and retail sellers, and also through the fish-selling vans run by the SFDC. Not just selling, the SFDC is also making preparations to breed and export these fishes, alongside the other exotic fishes it already does, like cobia, chanos, prawns (bagda) and basa.

At the recent Bengal Global Business Summit (BGBS), memoranda of understanding (Mou) worth Rs 1,500 crore was signed in agriculture and related sectors, of which 19 MoUs worth Rs 480 crore were signed in the fisheries sector.