Now Another Tainted In Sting Operation


New Delhi: Two video were released by Narada news on Tuesday. One video is of Shankudeb Panda who claims that he has no profession right now but since he wishes to get into politics in future so he wants this business. He also claimed that ‘it’s my job to get it done’. He also wants stake.

And another video is of Aparupa Poddar. Aparupa Poddar is a TMC Member of Parliament to the 16th Lok Sabha from Arambagh (Lok Sabha constituency), West Bengal.  She is the junior-most MP in Lok Sabha. In the video, it was seen that she has no qualms about accepting money and was seen asking her aides to bring her a black bag to keep the notes. However, later she denied about her involvement and said she is not the person who was seen in the video.

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