Narada Sting: Ethics Committee Summons MPs


New Delhi: The Ethics Committee of the Election Commission has sent notices on Monday, to all the MPs who were purportedly seen in the videos published by Narada News (a web portal).

The Committee had asked the MPs to send a report much earlier. But the MPs postponed it as they were busy with their West Bengal assembly polls. They said that they would file their reports after the publication of the poll results, scheduled on May 19. In response to this, the committee has asked the MPs to file their reports as the elections are now over. They need to send their reports to the committee within May 27.

The Committee has sent notices to all TMC MPs in both their Delhi and Bengal homes. It has been mentioned in the notice that, “The videos shown by a private channel, which shows MPs accepting money to provide favors to a fictitious company, the MPs must provide their explanations on the matter.”